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Peptide Name: KinSub5DDDYV

Product Use: For assaying the phosphotransferase activity of BNDF/NT3/4/5 receptor- tyrosine kinase (TrkB, UniProt ID Q16620). The KinSub5DDDYV peptide demonstrated very high phosphotransferase activity with Blk, and exhibited high specificity when assayed with over 200 other protein kinases. A listing of other kinases that show appreciable phosphotransferase activity towards this peptide are listed in Table 1.

Peptide Production Method: Solid-phase peptide synthesis

Peptide Origin: KinSub5DDDYV was originally identified using a microarray with peptides that were predicted as optimal substrates for 500 human protein kinases with a proprietary algorithm developed at Kinexus with our academic partners.


Peptide Modifications N Terminus: Free amino

Peptide Modifications C Terminus: Amide

Peptide Molecular Mass Calculated: 1399.4 Da

Peptide Purity Percent after Synthesis and Purification: >95

Peptide Appearance: White powder

Peptide Form: Solid

Storage Conditions: -20°C